Meet Our Cows
  1. Farewell to our wonderful Teena "Rose"
    Farewell to our wonderful Teena "Rose"
    Today we sold our guernsey Teena Rose to a good family in Jordan Valley Oregon. We will miss her dearly and are praying that she will be a wonderful cow for their family. We are on the look out for a sweet cow to replace her.
  2. Teena Rose & Blazer
    Teena Rose & Blazer
    We jut love it out here at Sunnydale Farms! We just got our pasture in this last fall and it is looking good! Cows have been our favorite pet of all time and we enjoy having them here on our farm and the delicious milk they share. Feel free to ask us any questions!
  3. Little Honey
    Little Honey
    Honey, our registered Guernsey a2a2 calf, was born Dec 15, 2016 to Teena. She is such a little darling! We are enjoying watching her run and grow despite the cold weather and feel so grateful to be blessed with this sweet little heifer. We will get a better picture posted soon!